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China FRP sandwich panel manufacturer supply FPR honeycomb composite board,fireproof panel for scaffolding platform,aerial working platform.

factory gate Qingdao Xiaochuan Environmental Protection Equipment Co,Ltd. was founded in 1997. After establishing, the company introduced foreign advanced technology of glass fiber reinforced plastic(FRP)production, specialized in research and development, production, and sales of FRP polyester enhanced composite honeycomb panel ( FRP sandwich panel ) , and won the national technical patent. The fireproof panel is widely used in construction,scaffolding platform...

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Application of sandwich panel

Because it is featured as light weight, high intensity, and impact resistance, etc., the FRP composite honeycomb panel (sandwich panel ) is widely used in construction, building of aerial platforms, and many other fields.

FRP composite honeycomb board is much lighter than wood panel, steel panel, and so on. It is used widely in truck, yacht, airplane, logistics, aerial working platform, and some other fields, and characterized as speedup, weight loss, energy conservation, and shock absorption etc.

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